My favorite domestic airline…

southwest_airlines_logo a  Southwest Air.

Why?  They are friendly, funny and I like their cancellation policies.  They  have great prices and no bag fees up to 2 bags.

Did you know that you can cancel on their economy bookings up to 10 minutes before your flight and receive a credit for your next flight?  If the price drops, you can rebook your flight and use the difference as a credit, plus no change fees.  

What about no seat assignments?  You have 2 choices to get your best seat.  Seats are given first served first come based on your boarding pass.  You are assigned A,B or C 1-60.  Business class gets A as well as A-Listers.  You can also purchase early check in for a better spot. Or, what I do, is set my alarm for 24 hours before the flight and check in at the first possible minute.  Always get an OK seat that way.

Early bird check in click here

By the way, military and families with small children get to board in between the A and B groups to help them out as well.

Also don't forget to sign up for their rewards plan.  I've earned points and have received free flights and drink coupons.

Happy flying.

As always if you are planning a vacation, give me a call and I can help you out.