Do you need a travel agent?

No, you do not have to have a travel agent in this day and age with online bookings and call centers.  But if you could have personal one on one help at no extra expense, why wouldn't you?

When I booked my first cruise, I was like a lot of people.  I went online, found a destination and a price.  Called and talked with someone.  Thought about it a bit.  And then remembered my friend was a travel agent. 

So I thought, I know what I want, but maybe I could help him make a little extra money.  I called him.

Well it turns out, I did help him make a little extra, but he helped me way more.  For the same price I would have booked it online myself, he helped me understand the room category and location on the ship.  Gave me good advise for my first cruise.  Explained trip insurance and what it covers and why it was important.  Talked to me about transfers to the port and more.  

So many things I had not thought of, and I am a planner.  

As I have been training in this industry, I have learned about so many cruise lines, land companies, destinations and general travel tips.

This site is to help you in your travel planning.  I am here to help you book.  

I hope you will give me a call when you are ready to start planning. And, together we can plan your dream vacation.